Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pics! As promised XD

Of course, when you just arrive, and there's a lull in the commotion of sorts in the hall,
and you're waiting for food to be served...

You take a picture of yourself.
What else??

Then you're freakin' hungry cos you had an early lunch,
and all there is on the table that is visible is...

Pappadum and...

And the typical Malay
red-colouring-and-sugar-water syrup,
of course.

The food was still all covered up, so we couldn't eat.
But stomachs were already making symphony.
If it were up to me, we'd all just eat and chao.
But that NEVER happens in UKM, does it?

Just so others wouldn't start hearing
strange noises coming from my lower abdominal section
I suggested we take more photos!
Just to pass the time okay.
Not cos I wanted to camwhore or anything.

May Lee and I.
Ooh, when I look at this picture,
I just fall in love with my red ear-rings
all.over.again. :)

Me and Chrissy
In almost perfect symmetry. ;P

Pretty girls.
Obviously the reason why May Lee was left out.

Then waiters came over and opened up the lids of the container containing food and
There were prawns and vegetable curry and beef rendang and salad with dressing.
Food was alright, but then again,
growling hungry stomachs will not be able to tell the difference.
So we happily tucked in and was completely oblivious to the fact that the
tables around us were surprisingly quiet.

En. Rahim came over, stared at us and went,
"Oi! Ammoi!! Tak boleh makan dulu la!!"
Oh. Apparently,
the Yang Berbahagia was giving his speech.
So, apparently,
we are not supposed to eat when the Yang Berbahagia is talking.

En. Rahim walks away.
And we continue spooning salad and beef into our half-full mouths.
As Christina says it,
"I am already half-way eating.
To stop now would be to disrupt my digestive system."
True, true. *nods head*
*continues chewing excessively*

Everything pretty much passed in a blur.
We were too busy eating and peeling prawn shells to care.
Finally it ended!

HuiQian and I
After she saw this pic, she was like,
"Oh, pretty me!!"

Me and Sammy
As with all others who plan to take a photo
with me, they had one condition
to fulfill.
Bend your knees - which he did.
Otherwise we might not even
be able to be in the same frame.

What is the Pengetua Kolej of KTHO
doing there????????
Sampat betul.
Get him OUT of the picture!!!

Soo much better, kan? :)

Oh, by the way.

I got nominated as one of the candidates for Pelajar Harapan Aliran Sastera.
I didn't win of course. Did not expect to.
Do not ask me how they judge such things, what the criteria was...cos I honestly don't know.


They put my picture in the slides which was projected by LCD for ALL to SEE.
My hideous, hideous, HIDEOUS picture!!!


And the picture came out and did those emphasizing thingys where it enlarged before returning to the original size.
It enlarged and grew in its hideousness and monstrous one-eye-is-bigger-than-the-other ugliness!!
I literally cringed in my seat when my picture came out amidst all the congratulatory offerings around me.
My HIDEOUS picture is UP THERE.

The humiliation! *sobs*


Anonymous said...

aiyoyo... u a.... dun keep tink ur pics r hideous la..

Lisa ^^, said...

It was it was!! This one really really WAS!!! *sobs*

may lee!! said...

oi!! what do you mean i was left out cos im not pretty? wanna die ar lisa kwan? i totally know where your room is okay!

Lisa ^^, said...

Ooh, May Lee...I'm soooo scared!! *not really*
Update your blog la been waiting to hentam you in your own space. For now, can only kutuk you in my own blog and you won't realize it till much later. No fun! :(

may lee!! said...

haha.. so true.. now only i checked back and realised that you replied! i do update. its just that its a private blog, honey. you wont see the updates on your blog, methinks. dun so lazyy.. move your arse and come to my space!

Lisa ^^, said...

*yawns* I'll see if I have the mood laa...XD