Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How Dare She?!

This cost me RM 3.00

I mean, just LOOK at it!
My rice is barely half the packet.
Miserable amount of vege.
Well, the egg cake is okay.
But that tiny little piece of potato thingy?
that for RM3.00??


I didn't even take any meat.
Usually when I take chicken or something,
it'll cost me about RM3.30/RM3.50.
If it's gonna be like that,
I'd rather take with meat.
More worth it

Everything is freakin' expensive these days.
Or maybe that Indon
kak doesn't like me very much.
Charge me so much for soo...
She looks at the packet,
looks at me when I look at her expectantly,
pretty confident that it'll be less than RM3.00
(was expecting RM2.50/RM2.80)
and says,
"3 Ringgit,
ah moi."


How cannnnnnnn!!

I'm broke.


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

What do you expect???
Actually...I'm more surprised that your "buying malay food" skill is so terrible. Didn't you know that a plate of rice, be it a tablespoon or mountain high costs RM 1. Then any "loose" vegetable (means those that cannot be counted by 1, 2, 3. Eg: kangkung, spinach...u get me?) costs RM 0.50. And that potato called Bergedil cost RM 0.50 too. While fried egg cost RM 1. So....ta dah! RM 3 lah!!! What do you expect??? know damn well what to do! *winks*

J e n n Y said...

go ming ming eat better la wei.
got soup n drinks some more..
n it's chinese food..

Lisa ^^, said...

Aiyoyo. Sorry la. Last time I usually just take my food, put it in front of the guy, give him a nice smile, and hope he gives me a discount. Ish. This time lady pulak. XD

haha I'd like to go Ming Ming's. But then have to go out by ukm bus lor. Sometimes lazy, sometimes no time. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

malay food are always more expensive than chinese food.

may lee!! said...

lolx. face problem la you. the kakak damn like me wan lo. but yeah, she charges more expensive. do what i do, just line up in front of the hamsup looking abang... and while paying (less) money to him, make small talk with the kakak. they'll both be really happy! and they round down my money! like.. if it's rm 5.10, it becomes 5 bucks. no lie! and dont buy the potato thing. not worth the money!!

The Bee said...

my dear your 3 ringgit tho still the same three pieces of one rgt note has depreciated in value lah.....
ask any homemaker who goes marketing
you ll hear the same kind of song
" with 50 rgt yester-month not yesteryear
can get quite a lot of stuff - meat and veg plus sundries
nowadays with few miserable buys, the big 50 rgt note just disappears !!!!
think 3 rgt for that malay style 'feast' would be ok by outside uni standard
and way way cheaper than klang valley and city rates loh
well the charging skills also leave much to be desired - no flexibility...
well for small eater like you maybe hv to highlight the meagre amt of rice n stuff you take
to get a reduced fare????

David Leong Kin Ming said...

Sheesh. Just earn more money when you come out to work. quit complaining. haha..

william is right. Malays usually count food by types, regardless or how much you take..
Chinese however, charge you by the amount..

Arnan Koh said...

oh... they count by the number of dishes you take...

some stores are not very smart.... i can take large portions of one dish, and it is still counted as one dish...

you can always complaint to your school authorities... they will listen and perhaps do something... or you can opt not to eat there anymore...