Sunday, July 4, 2010

Awesome Everything :)

Germany played a splendid game.

Arne Friedrich
Scored Germany's third goal against Argentina !

I mean, scoring within the first THREE minutes on the field?

Talk about working up a frenzy for fans ! :D

Thomas Muller, 20 yo
His first debut in the World Cup !
I can't find more flattering pictures of him.
But I bet you, after this WC, he'll be a superstar !
First goal for Germany

They totally did not disappoint.

After scoring their first goal, perfect defense all the way.

Bastian Schweinsteiger
He was practically ALL OVER the field !
Left, right, centre !

Second half started off rather weak though. Argentina was on heavy attack mode.

Play was mainly on the Germans' side of the field. Goalkeeper performance was top form ! Good saves the whole time. Awesome defense once again by the Germans.

Gonzales Higuain of opponent Argentina
A definite cutie, but I had literally no time
to drool this time. Germany was too awesome !

Argentinians frantic for an equalizer that had yet to appear. Messi looked utterly frustrated (which is tough to see, what with his "messi" hair and all XD) !

To be fair, there were quite a number of shots (or rather, attempts) by the Argentinians, but they simply could not make a dent in Germany's defense (to my delight !)

Lukas Podolski (Germany)
Great headers ! :D

Germany has some really awesome players, awesome teamwork, awesome everything !

Even (no, especially,) awesome hottie players :D

Miroslav Klose
Great player as well !
Scored TWO out of the four goals
against Argentina. Hebat !

Best match I've watched to date !

But then again, it's the quarter-finals.

GERMANY on to the semis ! :)

p.s: A case of mild football fever perhaps? :P

(I reread my post and I'm so impressed ! I sound like a real bona fide football fan ! :P)


Victor Tan said...

Germany won not because of ball control, they won because of their positioning. They just wait for the keeper to make mistake and usually Klose knows where to grab the ball.

In short words, they stand by and wait for the keeper not to hold on to the ball.

jfook said...

Germany really good. LOL.

kenwooi said...

lukas podolski!!! =D

btw, i thought friedrich's goal was assisted by schweinsteiger? im not sure also.. haha..

Liz ^^, said...

Ah, you're right. I was mistaken. I was thinking of the SECOND goal actually, by Klose. The assist to the assist was by Muller - he was on the ground when he kicked the ball ! Awesome work !!! :D

Corrected. Thanks :)