Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank You, Germany

Germany, I want to thank you.


Ah, what modesty.

Because of you, I experienced the adrenaline rush that comes from watching an exciting, intense match.

Because of you, I had the privilege to witness awesome teamwork, awesome skills.

Because of you, I learned to yell and curse at opposing teams (and even referees) who fouled you.

Because of you, I gave my neighbours reason to curse me as well, when I cheered and screamed in high decibels for all the goals you scored (which are plenty).

Because of you, I learned to scold gently, "Klose, you shouldn't have shoved him like that. Play nice, or you'll get yourself a yellow card."

Because of you, I know what it's like to cheer like hell for a team, and be rewarded :)

Because of you, I now can appreciate one's talents and skills more than one's looks.

Because of you, I can still appreciate a man with talents and skills, and good looks. :)

Because of you, I learned the ups and downs of following and supporting a team through the qualifying rounds, quarters and the semis.

Because of you, I know the real World Cup experience.

Even though I was not a follower all the way from the beginning, you have certainly gained my loyalty. Watching you play has been a joy, a frustration sometimes, but most of all, an enjoyable roller coaster ride ! :D

I have confidence that you will do your best in the next match.

Although you've been ousted, so darn close to that final leg of the race, you did not lose.

You are winners to me :)

Cheesy, much? *winks*
Go go Germany !!!! You are still my heroes :)


jcdagreat said...

u r found! will be stalking u closely...haha.....

kenwooi said...

too bad germany lost =/

Liz ^^, said...

Was wondering who you were ! haha xD Found yours too ! :D

I knowwww right? Pretty sad :( But oh well. Next WC maybe. Now, Dutch ! :D

Jack Ng said...

haha ... already set my mind tat germany will lift the cups ... but then ... i think they choose the wrong strategy by following Spain's slow pace game .... sigh ....

Liz ^^, said...

Yeah, I really thought they would be the champions this year. But oh well. WC should be unpredictable, right? That's the fun in it :)