Sunday, July 11, 2010

And the Cycle Begins Again

No, I'm not talking about a woman's "time of the month". 
Of course not that kind of cycle. Sheesh. 
Have I nothing else to blog about? (On second thought......nevermind.)

I'm referring to the cycle of having to return back to uni after a blissful two months of doing nothing but eat, sleep, online, watch TV, dramas and anime, endure another 5 months of hellish work and assignments, and back to the holidays. I mean, after two months of eat-sleep-online-watch-TV-dramas-and-anime, it's definitely hard to come back to non-civilization. (I mean Bangi.)

I'll miss my mum and dad, my little bro (now all alone at home). I'll miss not having to do anything (and by anything I mean house chores and such). (Yes, my mum spoils me rotten ! >.<)

I'll miss my bed (currently adorning a dark rich maroon which I simply love ! I mean, the colour just makes it look slimmer !) (Hm, maybe I should make it into a dress someday.)

I'll miss my cuddly friends who keep me company at night. :)

Cuddles, my cuddly bear

Tiny, my teeny tiny tiger

Poppy, a floppy bunny

But I just couldn't leave Bobby behind !

Aren't my eyes as big as Bobby's? O,O

This time round, checking in to my residential college was my biggest fear.


Well, I was hoping to still be roomed in the junior block (despite the fact I'm no longer a junior >.< Who cares, anyway?) because of all the conveniences that entails. It's near the cafeteria, near the administration office (to complain about stuff, see?) not to mention a higher availability of water (there's an R.O. and water cooler) >.<

Nana, my roomie of 2 years :)

And and andddd my roomie and I were planning to stay together again for this semester. I mean, we get along with each other pretty well, and we have been room mates for 4 semesters already. Staying together is more fun anyways.

So I was praying and hoping and hoping and praying that I'd get a room in the junior block (there are no twin-sharing rooms in the senior block). I'm not really looking forward to staying *whispers* alone ! :(

Unfortunately, more often than not, the one thing you fear the most, is the one thing that will actually happen.

I was kicked out of the junior block that I was staying in for the past two years :(

Senior block. Single room. Top-freakin'-floor.

Six flights of stairs. (Almost died carrying all my luggage up it !) Missing window pane. Hole in top of wall big enough for a guy to climb in (I kid you not !). Stuck cupboard door and drawer. Hideous pink paper flowers and butterflies stuck all over wall with an even more hideous pink fence running along it, courtesy of previous occupant. (wth. Can't the previous person have been more artistic than a 5-year-old?)

Whole corridor only 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets. Both toilets can't flush. One can't be locked. (Have to think of doing "big business" elsewhere >.<) Both bathrooms missing shower knobs. Only one shower has a head. 2 sinks. Both not even a single drop of water.

A nightmare.

My roomie (now ex-roomie *sigh*) was 3 floors below me in the next block, Chrissy in the floor below mine. Worse, MayLee and Hani were shifting out to another college.

We're so far apart now ! Made me feel so depressed. We used to be able to holler down the corridor and be able to holler answers back.

Now, I doubt any one of them will be able to hear me holler. (Except the cockroaches on my floor perhaps.)

So we decided to have dinner together, while MayLee was still around (before she shifted into the Other College for good) in Hentian Kajang. Chrissy couldn't join us cos she was at church. (I wasn't. Oops. xD)

We took a mini bus there. And typical of all mini buses, we got off with the wind-blown effect we were looking for. (Not really.) (Definitely not.)

(Warning: Extremely unflattering pictures of otherwise hot babes to follow. Objects seen are certainly more awesome -- and sane -- then is shown.)

The pictures are blurry cos, obviously it was a 
bumpy and windy ride !

But we had a lot of fun ! :D

It was great to chat with them, but it really does seem sort of like a farewell. :(

Who knows when's the next time we could hang out for makan together like this again. 

Or help each other take camwhore pictures. xD

Anyhow, no matter the distance, the friendship goes on.

As if it could affect us. Pfft. :D

Hugs y'all !!! <3


kenwooi said...

throughout my uni life, i've been staying in single room.. so no need worry about who's gonna stay with me.. haha..

enjoy the new sem! i miss uni life =)

~WilL!@m~ said...

AT LEAST YOU'VE GOT A SINGLE ROOM!!! Stop complaining lar~~ I have a room mate and most probably be with one for 5 freaking years!!! X_X

Liz ^^, said...

Diff people, diff tastes ba ! I've had a good room mate for 2 years -- someone I get along with. So 2 years with a room mate was totally fun ! Now suddenly single room damn quiet and saddddd :( haha But I'm getting used to it. :D

lynette lim said...

ken: yurs were with attach bathroom n u were mostly in the OFFICE during yur m trying to get in that block but those ppl wouldn't allow me.sad sad

lisa: well u could always go out makan makan and find each other when u guys are free.i always do that or NOT anymore.hehe.lazy d.wakaka

J e n n Y said...

single room is ok but sometimes i do get lonely also. my previous single room in KUO was also quite bad. i have a cupboard but without doors to close them...more like a rack..hopefully this sem i would get a better single room...

Liz ^^, said...

That's what we've been doing ! Went out for dinner twice liao ! It's like nothing's changed. In fact, we're going out even more ! (beh tahan cafe food)

You haven't checked in yet? And couldn't you complain about the cupboard and get them to repair/replace it???

lynette lim said...

ahahaha..then good that u don feel lonely at times.well u will do well ok.

J e n n Y said...

i checked in ytd. i complained a few times but no action taken so i just gave up. i got another senior block in KUO now. and you know what? the 3 bathroom doors all spoiled! everytime need to shift the door here n there just to cover up. i went to complained and office ppl told me that later on they are going to renovate the whole building so dont want to waste money to fix the door now! WTH!

The Bee said...

ya hope the distance separating you gals wont be a deterrent to good times together this year!!! cos it ll be the last uni year for nana, chrissy and may lee =(

as for broken windows, non-functioning showers, knobless whatever etc the list goes on... the impt aspect of MAINTENANCE of buildings is super lacking specifically public uni hostels??? lackadaisical attitude ... dont know what to say... i hv the compulsion to bring a piece of plywood and board up the hole in the room a DIY - rather than tax on my patience to wait for some tindakan or building renovation haha

anyway li, enjoy your single room ok =)