Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Of Styes, Fevers and Spare Room Keys

It's only been two weeks into the new semester and already I feel exhausted.

Choir auditions were in full swing last week. Four days last week (Monday to Thursday) I only came back to my room after 11.00 pm. I couldn't even draw up the energy nor the enthusiasm to "poke" my friends on Facebook back >.< What more blog?

Then, I went home for the weekend and somehow, annoyingly, developed a stye.

Most people who have never experienced a painful, irritating stye before would not normally know what it is.

I used to get them all the time when I was a kid ! (I was naughty, scrubbed my eyes with my dirty, muddy, germy little hands >.<) 

(I had this one bad experience once, the stye was so huge half my vision of my left eye was blocked. So I had to have this mini-surgery, you know? My brother tells me he remembers -- even at that age -- the doctor making a cut on the lump to drain the pus from the sac, and the blood trickling down the side of my face as I screamed and screamed and screamed.)

(I guess you get the picture. Styes are nasty things. Unpleasant, to say the least. >.<)

Anyhow, I came back to UKM with an annoying stye, conducted the Choir's first practice with it (how damn embarrassing !!!! =.=) and brought back antibiotics, swelling medication and eye drops to counter it. But oh no, it won't go away until everyone (especially my course mates) have had a chance to see it.

You won't believe how many "Aiyerrrrr Lisa, you peep at people bathing in the shower ar?" jokes I received this week. Har-har. Funny.

Then I had a terrible sore throat the night before last. A painful one. You know the kind. You swallow and you feel like someone just stabbed a knife through your esophagus. (Not that someone has actually run a knife through my throat before, but that's what I imagine the pain to be like, you see.)

A sore throat is bad. You know why? It is always, always, ALWAYS followed by something else. Something bad. At least in my case.

The next day, my worst fears came true.

By the third class of the day, I was feverish. And of course, there was no better time to develop an annoying (yes, all these things are "annoying") headache.

Maybe because of the cumulative effect of all these (annoying) things happening, the following happened:

I stayed up late to work on the organizational chart for the Artisukma Choir Club for the exhibition in Pusanika. It was one something in the morning by the time I was done writing, drawing, cutting and pasting. I was tired and sleepy with a mild headache, plus the sore throat was getting worse by the minute.

I had a full day of classes the next day, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, and thought I should need to conserve the energy that was needed to walk to Pusanika to put the chart up. So I thought Nana (my ex-roomie *sobs*) could do me that favour.

I texted her. Message wasn't delivered. Which meant that she has turned her phone off and gone to sleep. (She's the only person I know who turns her phone off when she sleeps at night. =.=)

I was at a loss as to what to do now. Giving it to her the next morning would be too much of a rush for me. Plus, I needed all the sleep I can get ! I didn't want to get up earlier than was absolutely necessary.

Then I had a brilliant idea.

I had her spare room key. (And she had mine. It's like this, you see. These new single rooms of ours had the kind of knobs where you could actually lock the door by accident and leave your room keys inside the room. Meaning, getting locked out of your room was a high possibility in times of carelessness, or, as you will see later, sleepiness.)

Since I had her spare key, I could just get into her room, place the chart on her table with a note telling her about the favour I needed her to do, and go back to my room without having to wake her up ! Pure genius, right?

So I went down the six flights of stairs to her room and did everything I needed to do. But that dear girl of ours, despite claiming herself to be a light sleeper, realized nothing and slept on peacefully.

I was so pleased with myself. I'd finished my work and now, I could get my much-needed sleep.

As I stood outside my door, I was suddenly hit with a revelation.

I had brought her spare room keys out, yes.
But not mine.

It was hanging happily on the hook behind my door. Inside my room.

Locked out of my own room. In my jammies. Without my handphone. At 1.30 in the morning.


Then, I slapped myself on the forehead. 

Doesn't Nana have my spare room keys too?

So I went back down the stairs after having climbed up it a mere 10 seconds ago. (Did I mention that there were six flights of stairs? I did? Oh. Well.)

I was back in her room, groping around in the dark for my keys. I couldn't find them. Where did she put it? 

I stole a glance at her sleeping on her bed. I realllllyyyy did not want to wake her up. I mean, the whole reason I was in this mess in the first place was because I did not want to disturb her sleeping, wasn't it?

I groped around for another few minutes, searching through her drawers, her pencil case, her table. I gave up. I can't find it. I had no other choice.

I stood a good distance away from her so she wouldn't wake up screaming at a face so close up to hers in her room in the middle of the night. I braced myself for it (the screaming I mean) as I turned the lights on.


No response.

She was still sleeping ! >.<

Calling her name from varying distances didn't help either. She just didn't wake up, even with the lights on. So I shrugged and continued searching for my keys, this time in better lighting.

Finally I found it. It was on her table. Attached to the ring of her own room keys.

Damn. Why did I not think of that earlier? =.=

As I lay on my bed that night (or early morning --  it was 2 in the morning already), safely back in my own room, a thought occurred to me.

It was a blessing that she had not latched her door. Otherwise...otherwise.

Well, I guess then I would have been sleeping outside her door till the morning. @.@


SandraC said...

My oh my ur sye looks awfully painful n painful! hahah
ur so lucky u got to sleep in a proper bed that night!! God must be watching over u =)

Liz ^^, said...

Yeah, thank God !!! :D

btw, that's NOT my eye =.=

The Bee said...

ayoyo my dear li, such havoc!
may be it is actually caused by the existence of spare room keys!!!!
and you have overworked yourself!!! no wonder the throat infection and fever followed even when you were taking medication for the stye ....=(
late nights are the quickest way to fall sick... so pls take care esp with the convo drawing near

shandye. said...

kalau terkunci dari luar, lepas tu kelas pulak pukul 8 dan ur friend kelas dia petang dan dia decides utk tdo extra hours.

so how?

matilah ko pg kelas pakai seluar tidur je. wakakakaka...