Friday, July 9, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I have to tell you.

The first two movies of the Twilight saga was less than satisfactory. The first movie was a let-down. The second was only slightly better than the first for me (only because Jacob officially transformed into a werewolf and there was more to watch on-screen, if you get what I mean). 

(Plus, there were more of those exciting fighting scenes, which were lacking in the first movie.)

Hence, you would understand when I wasn't exactly jumping up and down for the third installment of the series.

But when Sam asked me out to watch it with a couple of his friends who were Twihards, I relented. Only so I could get out of the house and......just get out of the house. :)

Where else would we go to watch it but our favourite haunt at Jusco, Seremban 2? :P

After devouring a nice, creamy, cold Oreo McFlurry (I practically lived for these back in Bangi -- and I'll be going back there in less than 24 hours >.<) and chatting with the rest, I was actually feeling pretty pumped up and psyched about watching the movie. I mean, Taylor Lautner people ! Taylor. Lautner. :D

(Warning: Spoilers for the movie Twilight: Eclipse from here onwards)

The movie began intriguingly enough. Definitely made me sit up in my seat a bit and search my brain frantically for a related recollection of what had happened in the previous movies. What was happening? Did I miss out some relevant important incident from the previous movie? I couldn't remember.

I thought, Hm, maybe this movie is going to be the best one yet (as others have said).

I spoke (or thought) too soon. >.<

That feel-good feeling lasted about 2 minutes, when the scene ended.

Then it was blah all the way till the almost-end, where there was the clash between the new-born army of vampires and the Cullens, who had teamed up with the Werewolf pack for the sake of Bella's safety, and then it was blah till the end.

In between that, there was a lot of this:

Edward and Bella, staring into each others' eyes

And a lot of this:

Kissing, cuddling, whispering "You're my Bella."
You know, cheesy lines.

And this:

Can't keep their hands off each other ! @.@

Although I wished there was more of this instead:

Jacob is the better choice, bodoh !!!

In this movie, more was shown of the Werewolves and the Vamps. They were as different as day and night, black and white. Bella had certainly made her decision, but I can't help thinking she was making a mistake, something that Jacob was trying to convince her of as well. Which side would you pick?

The Werewolf pack
(Look at those washboard abs galore !!! *drools*)

The icy Cullen Clan

One nagging thought though, was running through my head throughout the entire movie.

Why on earth were two hunky guys fighting over Bella?

After two movies (no, three now) I have yet to see the reason for Edward and Jacob to fight-to-the-death for Bella's love and affection. 

(And there were plenty of scenes where Edward and Jacob literally looked like they were about to tear the other into pieces. If looks could kill. >.<)

What is so special about her? All I can tell about Bella is that she's impulsive, stubborn and selfish. I look at her and all I feel is immediate dislike. I try very hard to feel for her, but I can't. 

I just don't like her. >.<

And her character in the saga is seriously nothing special. I mean, it's fine to have a perfectly whiny emotionally-unstable girl-next-door heroine as the star of your romance stories. But what I find utterly unacceptable is the way these two heroes of ours are fawning over her dark, dead eyes and her placid, emotionless disposition.

Well then, she seems more suited to be a vampire I suppose. She's already pale and vampirey** so although I do not agree with the idea, she should definitely end up with Edward Cullen. It's only because Jacob seems to be so in love with her that I feel sorry for Jacob. Otherwise, I'd just tell darling Jacob this: 

"Honey, she doesn't deserve you."

Well, if Bella were to choose between the two, I wonder why she doesn't pick the obvious choice. I mean, sure Edward is cool and all that (not to mention dead) (and possibly soul-less) but he's also so......cold (not just temperature-wise). He seldom has strong emotions, or is passionate about anything.

Jacob on the other hand makes you feel so alive. And his eyes is so transparent you can practically see the intense fire that he holds within them. He's kind, reliable, strong and warm. 

And as he tries to convince Bella he is the better choice, he says (while placing her hand on his chest) "You feel this? This is flesh and blood and warmth." Which is spot-on ! All Edward can give her is cold and the life of the undead.

Gosh, is she dumb or what? Choosing an immortal life but of which entails watching everyone you love die before you. Leaving all of them behind. That, over love and warmth and family.

Love has never been so freakin' BLIND.

With all these conflicts I'm having within myself of the entire relationship dimension between the main characters, I just could not really enjoy the movie. It's hard to enjoy a movie experience when you cannot even root for the heroine and the hero and hope they end up together.

I mean, can you?

In the end, I just let the reel play on while I busied myself in finishing the Chachos Cheezy Cheese snacks and slurping the last of the Coke.

Like I said, the movie was only blah for me.

Its only saving grace?

Taylor Lautner -- with his shirt off.
Ooh, la la ! o.O
Edward Cullen, you lose.

I give this movie a 1/5. The 1 star for Taylor Lautner. :)

**vampirey: No such word exists in the English language. But there was no other way I knew to describe Bella's personality. >.< Speaks a lot about her personality, eh?


Arnan Koh said...


the first movie was way better than the second... because at least the first movie followed the book to the letter.

second movie was a total let down... did not even have the mood to watch it because from the trailer i could see the movie has deviated from the book..

anyway, the first movie got me to start reading the series. i am not twihard.. but i think it is a nice read.
you get very emo after reading them... . i remember zoning out after finishing four books in one week... took me a couple of days to get back to my normal self....

scary... .

SandraC said...

i love taylor too!!
i'm on the ANTI BELLA side!!
so much cheesy-ness and corny lines is what spoills it all! YUCKS!

May Lee said...

SO true. bella is nothing but a self-centred brat. WHY a vampire with immortality would want to waste his time on such an insignificant insect is beyond my understanding!

And jacob, i am always willing to stare adoringly at you. forget bella. come to may leeee

Liz ^^, said...

I'll get the books, read them, and see if you're right ! :P

Anti Bella indeed. Can't for the life of me see what's good about her ! >.<

No, no. Jacob should come to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D Sorry MayMay, YOU LOSE ! *teehee*

k0k s3n w4i said...


Liz ^^, said...

>>k0k s3n w4i
Hmmm. You're right. Vampiric might also work xD

Jack Ng said...

wow ... so many six packs ... even mens will jealous .......LOL

Liz ^^, said...

>>Jack Ng
Yeah. I bet. I wonder what's their secret???? xD