Friday, July 2, 2010

When Girls Go Shopping

My aunt, in a rare bout of generosity, declared one day:

"Hey, let me take you and your brothers shopping ! My treat !"

Whoa. Wh-what?


Her treat?

Should there be any hesitation at all? :D

This whole thing came about initially because my brother is about to begin his university life in the "prestigious" Malayan University doing Biomedical Engineering.


(I say "prestigious" because I'm sure we all know that UKM and UM are bitter rivals to the end ! So there, I'm not taking it back. "Prestigious" UM, it is.)

Yes, he seems happy with the course he has been offered. And we, being simple people, just give thanks and accept that his path has been pre-planned by Someone who knows best :)

Anyhow, as I was saying.

This whole thing came about initially because my brother is about to leave and begin his new life as a university student come Sunday.

Can't see the connection?


Well, my aunt then decided to treat him to some nice shirts (or whatever attire he lacked for university life) ! And of course, my youngest brother and I tagged along !

I did NOT crash in on the party okay. *indignant*

She totally intended to treat me and my youngest brother as well !!

Really !

Fineeeeeeee if you don't believe me. >.<

I won't show you what I bought. *sulk sulk*

ARGH. I can't !

I'm excited !

I want to show you !

So, I don't care if you don't wanna see, I'm gonna show you anyways :)

My aunt's car head rest is
missing an eye o.O
(totally random :P)

We first headed to Seremban Parade Parkson to get the stuff for the boys.

We spent a lot of time browsing the racks.

Rainbow-coloured ties !!

And hideous ones too @.@

I tried to help.

"What do you want? A shirt? A t-shirt?"
"I don't know."

I'd show my brother a shirt and go (really enthusiastically) "Hey ! This is nice ! What about this one?"

He'd hmm and haa and then say, "Okay lah."
So potong steam. =.=

Well, you can imagine how it went trying on a few different outfits.

Ming's outfit, and Kit's !
I loikeeeee :D

Anyways, finally, the boys both got something they liked.
Or I think they liked.

When asked (really enthusiastically) "So, do you like what you bought?"
Both respond "Mmm."

It's no fun shopping with boys. >.<

Oh, then it was the girls' turn !

We headed to a boutique down at Lobak street in town called "Bijin Boutique". (I've never been there before, but apparently my aunt has.) My aunt then shooed the boys off to wander elsewhere while the girls browsed through seventh heaven.

Well, not exactly seventh heaven.

The clothes there were so-so. I didn't go berserk at the first few tops I glimpsed. Nor the next few.

I was beginning to deflate. Nothing really interesting? That can't be ! We MUST get something really nice !

Then the salesgirl appeared.

"Why don't you try these on? It's the latest young-people trend."
"What about these? They're just in -- new arrivals."
"How about some dresses?"
"And these?"

Oh, the more she showed me, the more I liked. :)

I mean, where were they hiding???

My aunt urged me to go try them on. "It's free what," she winked at me.


Dressing room fun ! :)

After trying on so many dresses that there was no more space left on the rack to hang anything else, I finally had my prize:

Ironically, it was the first dress I tried on, and I fell in love with it !

But of course, I can't stop at one.
I had to try others, you know. Just for peace of mind. So I know it's the one I like most.

OMG, I love it ! It's simple, I love the colour (I recently realized blue makes me look waaayyy fairer than I really am - and that's awesome !) I also love that it's like, a girly flirty casual dress. And it even has pockets ! How cute !!!

I heart hoodies !! :)))

And I just LOVE that it has a hoodie !

I mean, who doesn't love a hoodie? It's a HOODIE for goodness' sake !
It's cute !

A new dress ! And not a penny spent !

My Aunt, in the dress I insisted she buy !
Nice, kan?

Thanks, Kuku ! :)

p.s: I'll try to remember to treat you when I get my first salary ! :D

Did I make the right choice or what? :D
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kenwooi said...

yeap.. a nice blue dress.. your aunt is cool! =D

Timothy K. said...


~WilL!@m~ said...

Your bro got into UM??????!!!! That's soooooo cool!!! Hey...can you give me the permission to rag him?? Ahahahahaha..... XP

~WilL!@m~ said...

Oh! And what college is he staying at?? *wink wink*

Liz ^^, said...

Thanks ! :))))

Ahaha. You should thank me for nice pic k !! :P

No, you CANNOT rag him. Cos you'll be facing a "judge" back here in Sban if you do ! XD
Ahaha, please, keep an eye out for my bro will ya? :D

Liz ^^, said...

Oh, I forgot, he's in 5th College la. Which college you at?

~WilL!@m~ said...

5th college ah?? Alah....that's an ulu place... But very close to UM's swimming pool and gym! Maybe he can buff up a bit! Haha.. I'm in 1st college... tell your bro, if he ever wants a ride back home to Sban, call me! :)

lynette lim said...

aiks...u kenal kenwooi???lol...small world.anyway i love that dress of much is it?????may b v can buy for yunnie.hehe

Liz ^^, said...

Thanks ! You balik bila, normally? Naik kereta ke? Bkn bike? :P

Em, I came across his blog through yours, a long time ago :) Was RM50 le. hehe It's in Lobak, but I dunno how to get there ! XD waakakkaa

lynette lim said...

oo icic..hahaha..he blogs real nice ones and i enjoy his blog.sometimes really make me happy by laughing at his lame

rm50 ah..damn cheap la wei.hehe.mayb we can bring her der ma.kaka

Liz ^^, said...

Yeah, used to read his blog, then after my blog template got messed up lost the url so...haha XD

Yeah, quite okay la after discount. But I dunno how to get there >.< Ah, I know ! It's near Tarot Cafe. You know the place? :D

lynette lim said...

yup i do know that place and so does better la v can go d.yay!!!

~WilL!@m~ said...

Naik kereta lah, apa lagi?? During the start of semester when everything is still slow-paced, I'll come back weekly. Once things starts to get busy, then maybe once every 3 weeks.

J e n n Y said...

love the hoodie!

Liz ^^, said...

Serious ka? Okays, mana free la skrg? You x free, after this week, I x free. Camne? >.<

Oh, cos I thought you were considering bike. Rmb? haha

Kan????? Me too !!!! *happy*