Monday, July 12, 2010

When Alone

The room is completely silent except for the whirring of the ceiling fan.

My eye is kinda swollen (I feel a sty coming on >.<) and I'm feeling a little feverish.

Was feeling a little sorry for myself.

I was exhausted and aching all over from (believe it !) yesterday's strenuous exercise of carrying my luggage several trips up and down six flights of stairs. (I know, I'm totally out of shape !!! =.=)

My eyes are closing, cos I'm tired and my head feels heavy, but I'm a stubborn person I am. The World Cup finals are on tonight, and by hook or by crook I am going to watch it !!!!

(I totally wanted to be a loyal fan and support Germany watching the third-fourth placing game last night. But I fell asleep and didn't want to get up again. Fail la !! D:)

As I'm typing on my computer, browsing through Facebook and blogs, I noticed a little fluttery movement above me.

I looked up at my study lamp.

A moth.

(Ugly things aren't they? I do pity them though. I would imagine they're actually rather marvelous creatures, but compared to their beautiful cousins, the butterflies, how can they compare? I think butterflies are pretty. But there's just something about flying things that gets me all jittery. I'm not exactly scared, per se, just.....jittery. I don't like them landing on my face, head, hair, whatever. Geli. >.<)

Now, normally I would squeal and run over to the other side of the room to my roomie's place and desperately tug at her hand, whispering furiously (in case the moth can hear me) "There's a moth ! There's a moth !!!!"

But there was no roomie.

There was no one at all.

All was silent.

So I got up, grabbed a used Family Store plastic bag, and placed it slowly over the moth as it hung, motionless now, from my lamp.

It flitted furiously now, its wings making light noises against the plastic bag.

I slowly pulled the opening till it was taut and closed.

The moth was trapped.

Without emotion, without even thinking, really, I took the plastic bag, went out the door all the way down to the end of the corridor, and set the moth free outside the hostel block.

I can't believe I actually did that.

The things you never knew you could do in the face of solidarity.

I guess this is how it's gonna be from now on. :)


SandraC said...

u were kind to a living thing!! (its not an animal and weird to call it insect)
lonely? dont worry dear when the sem starts u would be too busy to notice ur lonely..
chins up!! at least take comfort in knowing ur family is nearby!

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. I'm getting used to it. There ARE certain perks to staying alone nway xD
Plus, my friends and I, not that far apart la. It just felt that way at the beginning. Now, hehe, okay laa :D

k0k s3n w4i said...

i do the same for cockroaches, haha. i like moths! they have the most beautiful, feathery antennas! but then again, i'm a fan of bugs in general. any bug that crawls into my place (especially back in india where the arthropods are huge and plentiful), i'd try to take many, many macro pics of it :D

love bugs :D

you sound like u've grown up a little :)

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. NOT a fan of bugs. Aheh.

Oh well, for me. I'm a complainer. I always do that, you know, let get all worked up about stuff cos it's overwhelming when it's happening at that time.

But then, I always believe that after that, I do what I gotta do when I need to. Staying alone ain't that bad now. I'm fine, I'm happy :)

The Bee said...

wah not bad uh li =) no scream no nana to the rescue of damsel in distress ah...
good for you! it s true when there is no choice, or no one to be the strong one, God will groom you to be the strong one and survive haha...
many mothers will testify to this fact .... cos it is 100% on the job training le..