Saturday, July 3, 2010

Goodbye Brazil

Goodbye, Brazil.

Goodbye, Ricardo Kaka. *sigh*

(I actually know his full name now. Now doesn't that scream "Reformed-Football-Hater !"? XD)

You guys played a good game. You guys lost not for lack of skill, or lack of trying.
Maybe a little too over-confident.

But, it's over now.

Oh well, I hate to admit this (due to a certain friend being a supporter), but.

Germany's actually a really good team.

(I have to concede after they thrashed England's Royal Bum at the qualifying rounds 4-1, albeit unfairly. =.=)

Hope they win tonight. :D


iwan said...

you know why German could perform so well for this WC?

one major factor is because they had the most time practicing with the new ball 'Jabulani', because it was manufactured there....

while other teams had barely a month or so to get use to the ball, German had at least 4 months of experience with the ball already...

Liz ^^, said...

Oh, really? Never knew that it could affect it THAT much !

But the type of ball used CANNOT be the sole reason a team wins. The Germans have got skills too. You gotta admit that !

iwan said...

thats what I said,
one major factor, not the sole reason...

they still had to have some skill to win, thats undeniable...

and hey, they beat Argentina, well done!

Liz ^^, said...

Totally awesome kan !!!! Did you watch the match? Damn hebat weiii. Best game I've watched so far ! :D