Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Older, and Bitter

Looking at the new first-year juniors, I feel old.

Yes, at 21, I actually feel old. I guess it is true like they say, that age is relative.

Although it is only a small two year gap between us third years and the first years, I can't help thinking that we are so very different.

I have had more than one experience with irresponsible people. But choir auditions and practices this year have given me more than my fair share ! >.<

Those who do not come for practices without informing you.

Those who "forgot" there was a practice even after having been reminded repeatedly.

Those who say yes, they are willing to commit, and then never to see their batang hidung anywhere thereafter.

Those who tell you, yes they will be there for a make-up audition session, and you get there early just for the sake of giving them a fair chance to find that there is nobody there. And you end up waiting for an hour for nothing.

It's quite perplexing isn't it?

Maybe it's just me then.

If it were me,

I would, at least, inform seniors/committee members that I will not be able to make it.

I would make a note, a reminder, anything, to make sure I remember to turn up for practice.

If I have given my commitment, I would stay committed. Meaning, come for practices, work hard. If I doubt I can give my commitment, to actually say so, straightforward, rather than lie.

I would call to find out what happened, turn up early for the audition, apologize profusely if I'm late. But at the very least, to actually turn up when there are people expecting me.

But I guess other people are not me.

It's frustrating sometimes.

But whatever. No more second chances.

However, to be fair, there are those who are committed. There are those who faithfully come for practices, who show enthusiasm, who try hard, who are willing to give their time, who even come for both weekday practices even when you are only required to come for one.

Thank God for them, rare as they are.

They give me hope. :D

I'm too soft, that's why. Maybe I need to have a harder exterior, a stricter demeanor.

Then maybe other people will take me seriously.

Then maybe such frustrating things will not happen.

Even after I typed that sentence I find it hard to believe. =.=

Ugh. I sound like a bitter, pessimistic old maid.

Maybe I am old >.<


hannah khaw said...

OH MAN. I totally, completely 100% agree with your post. That's just it -- the lack of commitment in so many people. And it kind of makes you feel, why bother being committed when no one seems to be interested in putting effort into whatever it is we do? The people who 'forget' practices are the worst!
Haha. But you're right, there are those people who give us hope. Those are the ones who make me go... whoaaaaa, thank you. Love them to bits. :)
Oh, and the way I see things -- the world would be a better (and more efficient) place if it had more Liz-s around! :D

lynette lim said...

whoa i never seen u such anger.well it does happens and i don really noe how this ppl could be so responsible.seriously dono what else could i say bout this ppl.that is what piss me off last few weeks during my assignments.well life is all about a roller-coaster.cheer up babe.

The Bee said...

well there is definitely a decline in level of responsibility and commitment in the present generation.... thank God there are still responsible and committed people around.
have heard of this kind of complaints from employers... well maybe times have been easy and good and there has been no need for pple to work so hard or commit themselves or maybe the fishmonger ie "sel fish " attitude is shown outright...sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................

shandye. said...

being a bitchy person who snaps whenever and wherever is soooooo NOT the way to approach thing.

trust me.

those 'pesky' juniors need firm and stern instructions that indicates to them that we're serious about a certain issues (for you the choir thingie, and for me the theater thingie-lah... geddit?)

i learnt that if you're being all snappy and bitchy towards them, they'll just give up and never return again for practise, despite the fact that you know for certain that they're totally into those kind of things, but just got demotivated due to our own bitchiness.

omg, i repeated the word bitch once too many times in a comment. NOT a good example of journalism.


Anonymous said...

Pay somebody back in his own coin.............................................................