Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling Crappy on Valentine's

It's Valentine's Day today.

Woke up at 12.00pm for brunch. Watched a couple of episodes of Scrubs Season 2 (cos I just downloaded them last night. Yes, I'm slow :P). Watched Wanted the movie (Yes, I know I'm extremely slow! @.@). It was just alright for me, though. Hm, a bit too far-fetched, especially this "Loom of Fate". (A loom? Really? Why a loom? =.=)

Had a little fun though, prepping my mum for her date with my dad later tonight. ;) (I told my dad yesterday that he should so take mum out for dinner. He hadn't really made much plans before that. Haiyo, my dad so tak romantic wan. =.=)

Wanted her to wear something a little different, so I made her try on a velvet skirt I had that had a sexy big slit in the front. Unfortunately, she didn't have a top that would match. :( So we ended up with two pieces from a pretty-pink three-piece suit she hadn't worn in ages, and my sheer off-white scarf and long necklace. Tried to teach her to use some eyeliner, emphasis on tried haha~ xD But it's okay. My mum has always been a simple person. And besides, my dad might faint! ;)

I have to say, it's hard to go onto Facebook right now. Like they say, "Love is in the air!" Too many stuff come up that kinda affect me. I mean, I don't want it to get to me, but they somehow do. :( I see all the couples and their sweet messages to each other, the double-portrait profile pictures popping up everywhere, the photo albums featuring holiday trips for two, and lovely gifts!

So I get a little emo.

And when I express that, I get some heat from the single friends, or those who are in long-distance relationships (LDRs). Yes, I know that I at least have Someone, I get it. Aleast I have Someone who's coming back soon and I'll get to celebrate Valentine's with him, albeit a little belated.

And I do feel guilty too, for feeling sad cos, I mean, relationship-wise, many would say I'm lucky. Really lucky. I have a boyfriend, and I will get to celebrate V-Day with him.


Allow me to miss him for a little while, can't I? :(

We haven't really talked for more than a week. He's called me several times, but they don't last very long. I feel like I haven't really "talked my fill", know what I mean? And he's in a foreign place, so I also worry about him sometimes. Like, if he's doing okay, if he's eating okay, if he's safe (apparently the bus drivers there are insane! They almost got into an accident the first day! @.@). I guess I'll only have some peace of mind when he's safely back home, you know?

So yes, I know that I'm not single, he's coming back so I at least get to celebrate Valentine's with my Special Someone.

But right now, he's not here, and I can't.

So, I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to feel sad. I just do.

So, here's what I'm gonna do to cheer myself up: I'm gonna paint my nails a pretty pink and see if I can't come up with a Valentine's Day design! Then I can show them off to my bf when I meet him ;)

I'll have my shower, dinner with my bro, paint my nails and then maybe watch a sappy rom-com movie after. Just cos I feel like it! :D

(Painting my nails can really cheer me up! :P)

So to everyone who feels crappy on V-Day (whether it's cos you're single, or in LDRs, or in a similar situation as me, temporarily) you can actually do something about it. Do something that makes you happy. Call up your best buddies. Make plans. They don't have to be massive. Just a simple chill out would do. If you can't be alone on V-Day, then don't. 

Don't blame others for how you feel. 

Have a good Valentine's! There's still time to make it great! ;)


Nath said...

just now I blogged about my parents love story instead of mine first LOL guess we're in the same page :D

Most Desirable said...

Great day, some might say, but do read why to me Valentine's Day is a scam.