Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Gigantic Leap

My laptop is like a black hole where it sucks up all my time. In this holidays, every day, the first thing I do is turn my laptop on and go online. It's almost like an itch I can't scratch-satisfy. 

I check my mail, go to Facebook, browse on 9gag, sneak a peek at on-sale items on online stores, and watch video after video after video on Youtube from all my favourite channels. And it's a time-consuming thing. You wake up, it's almost 12.00pm, the next thing you know, it's already dinner-time. =.=

Today, I spent the entire day watching Nigahiga videos on Youtube. (He's one of my favs, and his little ADHD antics are cute! I love watching his videos :P)

Yeah, I'm pretty amazed at myself too. @.@

But every now and then, I hear this annoying voice in my head telling me that I've actually got work to do. Plenty of stuff that I was supposed to do during the holidays before the new semester begins. (Which is soon! Darn it. >.<)

Okay, the first week flew by in a flash. Excusable, cos it was Chinese New Year, you know, hanging out all day with the cousins and relatives at Grandma's place. Of course. So I told myself, I'm giving myself a week off, tops. You know, for working so hard last semester on my thesis and all.

A week turned to ten days, and now it's been 2 weeks.

And I have yet to get any actual work done. Sure, I've opened up the relevant documents and fiddled around with this and that. But no real progressive work, as of yet. *sigh*

Here's my list of to-do stuff that I need to get done in the next couple of weeks remaining of my holidays (in order of priority):

  1. Analyze results of data collected for research. Write at least a rough draft of chapters 4 and 5.
  2. Prepare some lesson plans so I won't be going to school completely unprepared and empty-handed.
  3. Get passport-sized photos of me with my face facing front for my convocation. (Sigh, the ones I do have are of me slightly facing right. I was trying to get my good angle. Bodoh. Now I have to make new ones because these can't be used for formal purposes. *facepalm*)
  4. Do a makeover of my wardrobe to be more teacher-appropriate in preparation for my practicum end of this month.
  5. Re-pack the work clothes I'll be bringing over to uni.
  6. Use up my RM200 1Malaysia voucher for new novels and stationery.

These may not seem like much, but honestly, #1 and #2 are already a lot for my plate. Hope I get to strike off most of them as soon as possible. >.<

Looking at this list makes me feel a little stressed out again. Maybe writing them down and telling you about how guilty I feel may just be the motivation I need to get started. *crosses fingers*

I guess, this counts as progress, somewhat. :D Don't they say that the first step is always the hardest? Hooray for me! ;)

So to reward myself for this gigantic leap in progress, I'll go out on a movie date tomorrow!

Will let you know how the movie goes! xD


k0k s3n w4i said...

procrastination is a real psychological crutch. it's the tendency for people to avoid doing anything when there's a seemingly overwhelming amount of work to overcome. it's quite similar to that paralytic reluctance to create anything creatively because of perceived inadequacies at it.

the cure it as nike says: just do it.

SandraC said...

wah wah how do u spend the whole day totally on the com ur eyes not pain? but i suffered the same fate in uni when i had MORE important things to do i seem to be swallowed by everything else. procrastinating sets in n last minute i would panic like mad. hahaha hope u do manage to complete everything before the deadline!

shandye. said...

you HAVE collected data already?



Liz said...

>>k0k s3n w4i
I knowwwwww. I'll be the first to admit that I suffer from this terminal disease :( I'll just do it.

Tomorrow. *oops*

Nope. No real eye pain. But I sometimes get headaches :/ Yeah, I hope so too!

Ahaha, yeah. Cos my respondents not related to my practicum school. So might as well get it done first! :) All the best to you for yours!