Tuesday, February 21, 2012

For Now, Feels Good to be Back

While I know this is going to be short-lived, I have to say, I'm glad to be back in UKM :)

Maybe the excitement+anticipation of a new term does that to you. Fools you into thinking you're happy to be back until you aren't. =.=


Drove to Bangi this morning with no problems. Except for one incident where I nearly missed the turning to exit the roundabout and I made a sharp left. I think my mum must have died a little right then. She was already hitting the imaginary brakes when I was going at 100 km/h on the highway. (Is that really too fast? @.@)

Moved to a new residential college for this term, Aminuddin Baki. Which means that in my four years here, I'll have stayed in 3 different colleges--KTHO, KIY, and now KAB. KTHO's single rooms and washrooms are still the best, KIY will be remembered for its monkeys, and only one day here and I'm guessing I'll remember KAB for its lack of parking spaces. T.T I'm dreading thinking about agonizing over where to park Q every day. (btw, I forgot to get pictures again. *sigh* Anyway, he's sleeping safely with his blinds on, settled at the college guest house a few blocks away from me :D)

I was pleasantly surprised with my room in K6M 204 (anyone free, do drop by! :P). It is in one of the recently renovated blocks, so most of the things in my room are new. KAB rooms still lose out to KTHO's (wide, spacious, cooling, lovely shellacked wooden study desk and cupboard) but at least they're better than KIY's. *shrug* Anddddddd we seldom get monkeys here, which is certainly a hugeeeeeeeee plus point! ;)

My bed with the same 'ol bedsheets :P
I like sleeping with my head towards the window 
instead of the door. Don't ask me why :/

Valentine hug-pillow, Spongebob (I call him Bobby) and Cuddles :D
I think I sleep better with these guys ;)

My study table! A little small but, I'm a small person.

Of course, I brought back my bright yellow water dispenser.
You know, in case I want to throw a party in my room.

My work space. Lined it with a mat, for 
when I'm eating in front of my lappie :P

Bookshelf. Didn't know what else to put so, 
I guess my handbag goes there too. :D
Oh, and it's lovely to see a brand-new, clean, undamaged soft board :)

I like the colour on the door! It's kinda like a rich peach :)
And my blue+grey metal cupboard.
(Sorry it's kinda dark, my room light isn't working! @.@
Hope to get it fixed reallyyyy soon.)

Lots of space--but completely filled with my stuff!

Oh, forgot about the drawers under my bed.

More space than I know what to do with! =.=

The bathrooms though, are much smaller than I'm used to. Seems that every time I move to a different college, the bathrooms get smaller and smaller. Thank God I'm not claustrophobic. I have just enough space to bend down to dry my legs; can't really stretch though @.@

The reason I shifted here is really for convenience's sake. My course mate Sun and I will be teaching at the same school beginning next week, and since we're carpooling in my car, it would be easier if we stayed in the same college. Thank God she was a former Student Committee member, so she pulled some strings to get me a spot here. Too bad we're not staying in the same block. Still, it's better than nothing :D

She "dropped by" earlier with packed dinner for me--for 2 hours! @.@ It was nice being able to chat and not really worry about the time, knowing that her room is just a few blocks away :) We made plans tomorrow, with Jessie too, for an early breakfast, a road trip to the school we're posted to, and a big lunch at Zest Cafe & Restaurant for their famous Rosemary Chicken! (I'll definitely be blogging about that! xD) Feel rather guilty though, cos tomorrow's Ash Wednesday, and I'm supposed to start fasting T.T (Sorry, God.) But how can I give up a chance to have a taste of Zest's awesome-looking food??

Hanging out with good friends, mini road trip and a delicious lunch: tomorrow certainly promises to be a good day! :D

First day back--it feels good :)


Nath said...

you're a fan of yellow? XD

danielchowtzeyoong said...

more space is good?...and don't go filling it up! :p

Liz said...

Yellow stuff is fine. Not yellow clothes, though @.@

Ahaha, it is! But knowing me, I'll have filled it up the end of the semester, and I'll need TWO trips by car to bring everything back! xD