Thursday, February 23, 2012

ZEST-ful Day!

Oh man, my legs are aching from hours of walking around town today! (Sign of old age, really. T.T)

Had breakfast as early as 8.00 this morning, cos we had plenty of things to do for the day :) And who knew that I would miss pak cik's nasi lemak this much? ;)

Walked over to the Faculty (I did not miss this place!) to settle some academic-related things and get my result slip. (Did I mention that I got 3As and 1A- last semester? A bit disappointed with the A-, but oh well. I am very grateful :D)

Then off for our mini road trip to SMK Putrajaya Precinct 14(1)! I'd only come through here once, and that was with my parents driving. I drove this time, to familiarize myself with the route I'd be travelling every weekday for the next four months plus. @.@ Took a few wrong turns here and there, but with friends, it just becomes part of the adventure! xD All in all, not too difficult a route; takes about 15 minutes to get to the school with clear traffic. Hope there are no early morning jams! *crosses fingers*

The school's main entrance

Finally, we were on our way to Bangsar South City to try out the delicious food from Zest Cafe & Restaurant! Sun and Jessie had been there together once before, but I had not. (How could they go without me! T.T) We took the train to MidValley, and then a cab to Bangsar South City. According to our rather friendly taxi driver, Bangsar South City used be known as Kg. Kerinchi. Many people mistake it for Bangsar Village--they're NOT the same. They're currently developing the area; lots of construction seems to be going on.

Anyway, arrived there with no problems. The area seemed a little empty, but certainly very high-class. Even camwhored on the stairs up to Zest, located on the first floor. Aheh.


Jessie and Sun :)

I thought they walkway looked pretty!

Entrance to Zest :D

We were enthusiastically greeted by the owner, Mr. Ong, who happens to be an acquaintance of Sun's. I loved the atmosphere in Zest! It was cheery and the deco was rather sophisticated! The environment there certainly made our pre-lunch chat and camwhoring extremely fun! Sun and Jess had nothing but high praise for this place, and you can read excellent reviews done by other patrons online as well. So you can understand that I could hardly wait for the food to arrive!

Loved the bright yellow daisy as our table centerpiece!
Doesn't it kinda say: "Helloooooooooo! Good day!"? xD

Ahaha, sorry. Must self-camwhore also ma. ;)

Then the food came! :D

Foot-long sausage

The sausages were so savoury and juicy, gravy had tons of onions, which I love, blanched purple cabbage, creamy mashed potato (it's in the middle, spot it?) and lettuce as a side, with "European wasabi" and sweet sambal to accompany the dish. Yums!

Seafood Fettucini

I love pastas, but this looked extremely rich. However, it turned out to be pleasantly creamy, without being overwhelmingly so. Dig deeper and you'll be surprised with fish, squid and prawns. (Prawns were not very fresh, though >.<) A delicious second dish!

The famous Rosemary Chicken (half chicken)

Meat was surprisingly tender and juicy (makes me salivate just thinking about it again!) with  chunky potatoes, and the gravy was yums! I would be happy even with just the gravy! xD

Then we had dessert, recommended by the owner :)

Home-made vanilla gelato--a perfect end to a great meal! :D

Before we left, took a picture with the Big Boss, Mr. Ong. One day, I'd love to try their Civet Cat Coffee, or kopi luwak, one of the most expensive coffee in the world! You can read how they process it here.

With the boss :P
(We were saying "ZEST!"--except me, apparently =.=)

A very pleasant and helpful employee there helped us take this.
(Their service is excellent!)

Then we took a casual walk around the area, heading towards the Kerinchi LRT station. I kept stopping Sun and Jess to take pictures. Couldn't help myself, sorry. @.@


More fountains!

View from between two towering buildings

The overhead bridge to the Kerinchi LRT station

I've missed walking around a big shopping mall like KLCC. And it's been ages since we girls have gone out for an outing like this one. We've been so awfully busy, especially last semester, so I am thankful that we had this small window of opportunity un-busyness to hang out together ;) But then again, it didn't matter where we were, we always had fun together :D

The Petronas Twin Towers (well, half of it xD)

The train ride back, as expected, was a nightmare. I wish I could have given that...that woman in white a piece of my mind for literally shoving me aside to get into the train. Line up and wait your turn, woman! I mean, the train hadn't even stopped and I was already squashed because of her. I think she'd push me onto the train tracks if that meant she could get on the train before anyone else. Bodoh. Things like that just get on my nerves and put me in a foul mood. Foul, I tell you. >.<

I am exhausted. I wish I could hang my feet up to rest! @.@

But I had an awesome day today, nonetheless :) Another day of great memories, stored safely away for when I can look back and remember those awesome times with my awesome friends! ;)

Will be reporting to the Putrajaya Department of Education tomorrow morning--have to be up by 7.00am! T.T Good night, everyone :D


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