Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Introducing: My Baby, Q

Been busy packing all day. I thought I was pretty much done, or at least half-done. But when I looked at my list again, I realized I'd barely scratched the surface. =.=

Now that I'm finally done and all the bags are neatly haphazardly piled on top of each other in my room, I see only 30% of my floor space. (Well, in all fairness, my room is rather small to begin with. But still.) I don't understand it.  Every semester during this biannual routine, I tell myself I'm gonna bring less stuff. But every. single. time. I still bring back a lot of stuff! @.@


Washed the car for the first time in years. And yes, in both senses. 1) My first time washing a car in years, and 2) The first time this car is getting washed in (about 2?) years!

Well, I am taking the car up to uni next, no OMG it's actually this semester. I need it to travel daily to and from school now that I'm starting my teaching practicum in Putrajaya, a 20-minute drive from my hostel. So, for the next four months plus, he's going to be my new baby, my responsibility. (Somehow I imagine him as a boy.)

So, my mum told me to put water in the battery, check the radiator, fill the petrol tank and pump air in the tyres. All these for two purposes: 1) because I'm driving up to Bangi tomorrow morning, and 2) to make sure I know how to do these stuff now that he's my baby.

Somehow, knowing that he's my baby now (well, at least for the duration of my practicum) makes me feel different. I scrubbed a little harder for those stubborn dirt spots, I vacuumed till I couldn't see a single speck at a glance, I lovingly pulled leaves that were stuck at the wipers out.

He's my baby now. :D

I think I'll call him.......Q. ;)
What do you think?

(Darn, I forgot pictures. And he looked so sparkling clean too! >.<)


Nath said...

next entry do show us how your baby looks like

danielchowtzeyoong said...

why q?...

siehjin said...

hey, that's my surname! =P

Liz said...

I forgot! Will do that soon ;)

Em, cos I think it's a cool letter? :) Worth 10 points (on Scrabble) so see, how valuable it is? *random*

Ahaha, pronounced like your surname, yes! xD But also cos his number plate is BFQ, so his nick should be Q? xD