Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jayesslee + Jenny Sun!

Jessie sent me a message on FB Chat exclaiming, "She's engaged!"

Seeing as we've reached the age where a lot of our peers are tying the knot, getting engaged etc. I couldn't figure out who she meant. "WHO WHO WHO????" I asked.

She sent me a link on Youtube, and.....what a pleasant surprise it was!

Sonia, of the lovely musical Korean-Australian duo Jayesslee, is engaged! :D

To who? Andy, their cameraman and photographer!

I'd always been a fan of the twins and their beautiful lilting voices, and admired them for their strong Christian faith as well. But I got another surprise when I found out that their engagement shoot was done by none other than Jenny Sun, a wedding photographer I greatly admire too!

The photos--as always when it comes to Jenny's work--are beautiful and awe-inspiring! I always love how she manages to capture the most wonderful moments between a couple, even if it's just his hand around her waist, her head on his shoulder, the two holding hands... And the lovely sunlight! :D And I always felt that the shots of the couple staring into each other's eyes made me feel like I was intruding on a very beautiful but private moment. Yet, what a lovely moment to capture and preserve for all of time! :')

Andy+Sonia :)

Photo credits to Jenny Sun Photography

I remember the first video I'd watched of Jayesslee. My first thought was, "Wow." Their voices were absolutely lovely and soothing, and they seemed like genuinely beautiful people. I knew then, that these girls would change my life. Their singing could always comfort, their silly crazy antics always cheered me up, their warm personalities always inspired.

To now see news of Sonia finding love and taking the next step towards marriage is a little surreal. I don't know why. I mean, I've always felt connected to them somehow, in the way they talked to their viewers in their videos like they're talking to you, but this special announcement just made it all even more real.
Darling Sonia, I sincerely wish you and Andy the best in your new journey together, and may God be the center of your relationship and marriage, because that's how you know it will truly last FOREVER AND EVER! Congratulations! :') Also to Janice, cos you have also gained a wonderful brother :)
News like this always makes my day! :D


Nath said...

it's a lovely sharing, hope they will be happy forever :)

danielchowtzeyoong said...

you even remembered the 1st video of them that you watched?!?!?