Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Means War!

Would you believe it?

MBO Cinemas over in Terminal Two (now Mydin) is showing This Means War! I'd been whining to watch that movie ever since I saw the trailer. And I had thought that I might just have to let the boyfie off easy for not keeping his promise to watch it with me, cos it is supposed to be released only on the 23rd of February when we both start term.

But who knew! The boyfie called yesterday and told me it was showing. First showtime was at 12.00pm--was I up for it?


The movie was a great watch! Even though I had gotten a wee bit wary when a friend had said it had "vulgar jokes and crude humour". Don't get me wrong, I'm every bit as "grown up" as the rest, and I can take a crude joke. It's just a question of....preference. Let's just say it's not my favourite kinda movie. (There are many movies that I feel would be better without the crude jokes. It's cheap humour. IMO la)

Turns out, the movie wasn't half that bad. Come on, I'd sat through almost 2 hours of excruciating crude/vulgar jokes in The Hangover 2 (the bf insisted =.=); this is nothing!

Synopsis: Two CIA operatives wage war against one another when they discover that they are dating the same woman.

Yeah, that's basically it. @.@

However, I did like the twist whereby the two CIA agents are not only partners, they are best friends. And therefore, the whole movie was about more than just "getting the girl", it was also a story about friendship. Initially, Tuck (Tom Hardy) and F.D.R. (Chris Pine) are not about to let a girl get in the way of their bromance. They'd take a bullet for the other! Unfortunately, the both fall madly in love with Lauren (Reese Witherspoon). And, as they say, "All is fair in love and war."

Both so hot! ;)

I also loved that the two guys were so different from the other, and yet they fell for the same girl; not only that, she fell equally for the both of them! Tuck is gentlemanly, sweet and thoughtful; FDR is charming, spontaneous Honestly, more than half-way through the movie, I still didn't know who I was rooting for to get the girl! They were both, simply put, gorgeous. And they both worked their butts off (although it was kinda cheating, what with their very own covert teams working together to collect "intel" about Lauren) to get to know Lauren, and be the kinda guy she wants.

I love Reese Witherspoon! :D

Lauren, the poor thing, just couldn't decide which one! (She even considered a sex tie-breaker--which means having sex with both guys to see who...wins?)

As with all movies that have this kinda plot (guy/girl makes a bet/plan involving girl/guy but then falls in love, then the girl/guy finds out, there's shock, hurt, then they kiss and make up), when the game is up, there's the expected angry/hurt response. However, in this case, Lauren gets off scot-free! Lauren, if I say so myself, is equally to blame or, isn't exactly blameless, is she? She was dating two guys at the same time! Shouldn't they be angry at her as well? Well, they weren't, not really. But she got pissed and stormed off when she found out. Luckily for the guys, that wasn't given a chance to really stew because then she got kidnapped by Heinrich (this bad guy from Tuck+FDR's past assignment seeking revenge) so she had to forgive them really quickly if she wanted to live.

At the end, Lauren finally makes a decision--FDR. I did feel kinda bad for Tuck, though. Thought he totally deserved a girl like Lauren too. But he managed to patch things up with his ex-wife, Katie, so he, Katie and his son, Joe get to be a real family again, so all's well. Everybody gets a happy ending :)

I like this movie also because I thought it was interesting that they kinda married the chick flick and action genres, quite successfully, you might say. Enough cheesy romantic yummyness for the girls, and enough action sequences to keep the guys happy!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie; very entertaining. :D

I'd give it a 4.5/5  (cos everything has room for improvement! xD)!

Do catch it if you can! ;)

Last date with the boyfie before he leaves for Johor, and I for Bangi. *sigh*

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