Thursday, December 11, 2008

Absolute Boyfriend

Tears brimmed over my lower eyelids. They streamed down my face, and I was unable to hold them back.
I felt them flow all along down one cheek, and then the other, all the way down to my chin where they hung for a few seconds before dropping to stain the thighs of my shorts.
I tried not to sniffle. But I couldn't.
My nose was beginning to run. I furiously rubbed the snot away from my nose, wiping them all over my shorts instead.
I did not dare to look away, or to my sides, frantically wondering if my face could be seen from their angle.

Can they see me crying?

But I could not help it. It was so heartbreakingly painful to watch what was unfolding before me. I could feel his pain. The tears in his eyes made trying to stop crying that much harder.

Why did it have to end this way?
Why does it hurt this bad?

Even if there was no other choice, that did not mean it would make it any less difficult to accept.

I stared at the laptop screen in front of me and watched the protagonist, Tenjo Night, stare at the hand-made scarf Izawa Riko had made for him, then everything went black.

I swear, if my brothers were not sitting beside me at that time, I would have bawled my eyes out and flooded the whole region of Rasah Jaya in close proximity to our house.

It is the best Japanese drama I have ever watched. Okay, I have not watched that many Japanese drama but honestly, this series is really good.

A company, Kronos Heaven finally developed the ultimate love machine - the perfect male humanoid designed to tailor to its owner specifications and completely, utterly devoted and loyal. Izawa Riko was chosen and given a 5-day trial period with which to experiment and test out this robot named Tenjo Night. However, despite her better judgment, she finds herself falling for him. Unfortunately, her boss, Asamoto Soushi, has also developed feelings for Riko but is wary of Night who is constantly by her side.
This 11-episode series is filled with fun, humour and romance. It made me laugh uproariously, and like I described earlier, cry incessantly. This is a series that will not only entertain you with the characters' cute antics, but also touch your heart.
Admittedly, I realize some may call it corny, but my stand is that, I would watch this series all over again and know that I will be as touched by it the second time round as I was the first time.

If you are interested check it out. You have to be a member to watch the whole series, but it's completely free so...why not? You can watch other anime and dramas here as well, so enjoy!


★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

i only watched a few japanese anime previously...
such as chobits, honey/clover and cardcaptor. the only reason why i watched them?
well... since my lil sister borrowed it from her fwen.. might as well just watched it, right?
i prefered those crazy japanese humor drama such as hana kimi... simply hillarious... at least it took my mind off my work. ngee...

Lisa ^^, said...

I watched Hana Kimi too! It was super hilarious!! I finished watching Hana Kimi before Absolute Boyfriend. Laugh and then cry some more. heehee You watched Cardcaptor too? haha Why do you think all my email address all sakura? ;P

★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

aku suka ketua asrama bahagian performing arts yg ala2 tak betul tuh... gle saiko...


dh abes tengok, tengok lagi dan lagi... tak jemu!!!

suka sgt kat hana kimi...

p/s:- bolt sangat best... wajar tonton juga!!