Friday, December 12, 2008


I saw Hoc Mun's blog post about a mime.

Well, I followed the link he gave but, er, the video had some problems with it. So, I explored other videos and found another, very simple, but powerful video.

I have to admit, within that 5:52 minutes, I felt touched and emotional. Although there was not a single word uttered, their miming and facial expressions were powerful and mirrored what I think is each and every person's struggle in life.

We all have a relationship with God. Yet, we allow the things of the world to take control of our lives. We make them our priority. They may satisfy us for a while, but we soon realize that they are never enough. Only God can fill that void in our life.

No matter what we have done, how we feel about ourselves, God forgives. God accepts.

Okay, I sound too preachy already.
Anyway, just take a look at the video.
Hope you like it too! ;P


Anonymous said...

you know hoc mun too?! small world.

only God can fill that void in our lives. human nature to forget that every once in a while huh. i find it a struggle to believe that when i'm all alone at home, crying. it's is indeed amazing how God accepts and forgives us every single time. praise God! :)

haha. if this is too preachy already then what is my latest blog post? :P

Lisa ^^, said...

haha that's true. We tend to forget. But thank God that he never LETS us forget; he constantly reminds and nudges us in the right direction. That's the kind of God we are so blessed to know and call our own!
p/s: I think all of us have the potential to be preachy. Don't worry about it ;P