Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby Steps

Pant. Pant Pant. Pant Pant Pant.
Take deep breaths. Slow. Steady. In. Out. Breathe in. Exhale.
Ignore the pain in your side. Ouch. Keep moving!
You can do it!!!

Sweat is already staining my shirt. I am beginning to feel a little chilly from the wind. I look ahead. A long way more to go.

You have GOT to be kidding me!

I can't do this I can't do this I can't do this.

I just can't believe this.

I have a stitch in my side after barely 2 minutes of running. Or jogging. Whatever.
I am seriously out of shape.

My family and I (excluding Kit cos he had Scout's Camp bwahahaha) plus my auntie and cuz went to S2 City Park for a walk. It was actually my auntie's idea. When I asked her what for, she said she wants to exercise and lose the weight. Ahah. Like 15 minutes of jogging twice a year will make any difference.

We went there in the evening, 4 of us squashed in the back seat of the car. I haven't been to City Park in aaggeess.

We started off by walking along the inner circle pathway around the park, just to warm up. It was humid and the sky was still pretty bright. We tried some of the exercise thingies they had. You know those bars for stretching and doing sit-ups? Again, due to my out-of-shape-ness, there was more than one sharp pain in the calf or wherever. My aunty kept yelling Ouch! Ouch Ouch!! Yup. She is definitely our main source of entertainment. She never disappoints!

So many people, the place was seriously crowded compared to the last time I came (which was middle of the year I think).
The stalls were selling keropok lekor (which I love by the way, but my mum refused to allow me to eat cos it's unhealthy. Huh unhealthy-schmealthy. They still taste GOOD), even cempedak and deep fried fish balls and sausages. Which looked honestly, enticing when you ignore the fact that the reason they glisten in the sun is cos of the oil coating their surfaces.
Colourful kites of all shapes and sizes hung all along the fence. There were the normal superheroes, spiderman and whatnot (which I would be excited to see had I not grown up.) and there was actually one of a mermaid with her pretty green tail as the tail of the kite! It looked so cooolll (okay, I''m not that grown up. Yet).
There were families with picnic baskets, kids vandalising the playground (that's what it looked like to me anyway. Shrugs), couples walking holding hands, a group of aunties in striking pink pants and blue t shirts line dancing.
Trees with branches growing out at odd angles, weeping willows with their leaves slightly swaying.

~Can you see the fish almost at the surface?

The fish we could see, their mouths touching the surface of the lake (do you call it a lake?) as visitors fed them with God-knows-what, but they clamored for the food, so it must be good. Not that they would know otherwise. But anyway.

I ran one whole round around the park.
Okay, lied again. I had to run-jog-walk-jog-walk-jog-walk-walk to reach my initial starting point without fainting. I know, sad. But I admit, I haven't been giving it my all. If I really did, it would be like peanuts I'm sure. Aheh. *laughs nerbously* You believe me right?

~Pretty sky and pretty fountain

~A hut thingy where people can feed the fish from

When I was back at where I started, the sky was already turning a pretty orange-red-purple. It was beautiful.
I had almost forgotten what it was like to be outdoors and experience the beauty of nature and the colours of the sky you never thought possible.

~The lit lamp post with pretty sky in the background

I had also almost forgotten what it was like to sweat bullets from honest-to-goodness running, instead of the heat.

And it felt good. :)

We're planning to go again this evening. I'm gonna try running without stopping for ONE whole round.
Baby steps. ;P

Hope I don't get a stitch in my side again. Ouch. Gulp.

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Arnan Koh said...

Shows how little stamina you have!! But I have not exercised since the hols started...

I guess it is something I do only in college.... HAHAHAHAHA

Have fun jogging. AN advice, take up a sport that has a lot of running... I love floorball!!!