Saturday, December 27, 2008


This year, like I said, no tree and not that many presents.

Why? Cos this year, our family decided to give up our prezzies and instead, give them to those who need it more than we ever would.

I mean, not that we were giving away our XBox or PS3 (not that our relatives would buy us stuff like that) (not that people in Vietnam and Thailand and China are in dire need of those things). We decided that the money that our uncles and aunties would normally allot for our Christmas prezzies would instead go to World Vision: Gifts of Hope.

The project is organized by World Vision. The money they receive would go to the needy in various parts of Asia. But as sponsors, we could "order" what we would like our money to purchase for the needy. For that purpose, World Vision also provided a catalogue of items that were available. We could order cows, baby goats/sheep, fish, vegetable seeds, fertilizer, farming tools, library books, workbooks and even medical insurance and survival kits for emergency reliefs.

It felt good. Although there were no prezzies this year (or significantly less than previous years) it was nice knowing that elsewhere, people who had no money and food would be receiving a school of fish to breed for food, and sell, or a baby goat and cow for their milk and meat, vegetable seeds to start their own vegetable garden to support themselves.

In this spirit of giving, let's all give a little to help lessen the burden for others less fortunate.

But, HERE are my prezzies for this year!!

4 pairs of ear rings:
Fish, 2 crosses, and dragonfly.
Sooo sweet!!
Thanks S!! :)

I don't know what you call this.
It's the thingy you use where you can clip a piece
if paper for notes, personal reminders..
As I'm a really forgetful person, it's perfect!
Thanks WX!! :)

A blouse my aunt bought me from China.
It's cute.
But as always, the words don't make any sense.
It talks about the "colot" of the sky, and also asks people to er,
"catch" the sky. Hmm....
Sometimes I wonder if it's even English.

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