Monday, December 22, 2008


The Children's Christmas Party last Saturday went really well.

Good weather. Lots of new kids. Many parents. It was great!

~The kids - Awwwww. So cute

My tambourine dance performance went well too. haha. I didn't forget any of my steps. Yay!

~Tambourine dancers - that's me in the middle
~That's me (unflattering, but that's the best I have)

The skit went pretty okay too. Although there were some panicky moments. I was supposed to help my dad with handling the kids. But my gosh, it was NO easy task.
I kept shhhhhh-shing them but they don't seem to hear me. It's like I'm invisible or something. I tell them to get behind the table cos they're not in the scene so they should stay hidden until they are. But noooooo. They LOVE sticking their heads out from behind the table. And then they giggle. Giggle giggle giggle.
I'm trying my utter best to keep them as quiet as possible (to keep them silent would be IMPOSSIBLE) amidst cries of:

You're stepping on my dress!
Are we supposed to take off our shoes?
Hey, stop playing with my handphone!
(Yes, she's twelve and she has a handphone of her own)
My scarf is coming off!
Is it starting yet??

~Me tying the head scarf for one of the kids
~Me trying to keep them quiet. Stress TRYING.

More giggles. And more shouts. More crawling-out-from-behind-the-table.

One of them was sitting right out in plain sight when it wasn't her turn to be out on stage. I try to be nice, coaxing. I say: "Georgie, why don't you sit next to me?"
She turns to me with her big eyes and golden curls and says: "Oh, no thanks." -_-"'

I was exhausted even before the skit had even begun its first scene.

I was in charge of the lighting, and had to help make sure all the props were in its place before each scene, and to make sure all the little actors and actresses knew when they were gonna be on, next.

~Abigail (girl standing) sets the donkey (with ears) free
~Kids excited; standing up to see

Then, just before the 4th scene, I looked in the little basket where "baby Jesus" was supposed to be...And I saw the toy puppy instead.

Where's the BABY???????????!!!!

Furious whispers. Hand gestures. OMG. Everyone was waiting wondering why it was taking so long. Oh, crap.
Sweaty palms. Nervous clearing of throat. Then my dad came to the rescue.

~My dad carrying "baby Jesus" (can you see??)

Phew. Relief.

Other than that, everything went smoothly I should say. Relatively speaking of course.
But then again, they were just kids. I'm sure they had fun. Although most of the adults were sweating bullets by the end of it all.


They can be pret-ty scary. ;P

~My cousin bro and I, before the chaos

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