Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Camwhoring

Christmas night, we had dinner at Ah Chong suksuk's new house in Seremban 2. They just moved into it maybe a week ago? So they wanted to show the house (off) to all of us :)
And as expected, it was a real mansion.
Yup, HUGE.

They took us on a tour around the house, showed us all the rooms and...stuff.
Pret-ty impressive if you ask me. Phew, one sure feels like an ant in a house that big that has vases of erm, twigs and cane and dead flowers in every room and corner and table top, for ornamental purposes I presume. They even had a camel ornament thingy. For hanging handbags? Don't ask me. I have NO idea.

The dinner was definitely a huge spread of yummy turkey and potato wedges and cold potato salad and lots of salad covered with dressing and glistening sausages and sweet and sour chicken and pork ribs and spaghetti with sweet tomato sauce and spice rice plus pepermint with choc chips ice cream for dessert...Needless to say, I totally stuffed myself that night. Aheh.

The highlight of the night was not the food (which my cousin Ernie might disagree), but the photo session we had after.

"Let's camwhore!!!" I cried.
"Ooh, let's!!" everybody else agreed.

Okay, well, it didn't really happen that way, but everybody (reluctantly) agreed in the end. ;P

Here's what we did:

~I took a picture of Wei and Ming by the (fake) fireplace -
Wei is about to put his beloved BeDazzled pacifier into his mouth.

Then, we took to the stairs:
(by the way, we had a problem with the camera flash so you get alternate white and yellow lighting ;P)

From top, L-R:
Alicia, Amelia
Soon Yi, Me :)
Kit, Ernie
Ming, Wei



Unprepared shocked:
Ernie still has his "model" pose
Kit is wiping his nose with a tissue. Hee

Beauty pageant contestants?
I know, I know, I totally should win. Duh. ;P

With the guys:
Ernie, look HERE!!

Ahhhh...That's better :)

Salute with your right hand
and put your tongue out.
Whose bright idea was that??!!



In the Balinese section
(they have an English section and
a glass house too)

Hm...what's that?

*gasp* Would you look at that??!!

Why are you guys pointing at me???
That was NOT part of the plan!
*grumble grumble*

Just a liiitttlle closer Wei..

Perfect ;P

Now, wasn't that an awesome Christmas dinner?? Heehee ;P

Credits: These wonderful photos are courtesy of my Mum, our Director of Photography for the night!

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