Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Steps 2

Hm, unfortunately, yesterday's trip to City Park was more of a camwhoring session than exercise.
I'm sorry. I meant to jog, I did. But...
The scenery there was just too beautiful to ignore...;P

In the end, I took lots more pictures with my AWESOME phone which I will post here.

Hope you like it as much as I do :)

~The lamp post looked kinda lonely.
But I like how it looks with the pretty sky in the background.
Don't you? ;P

~All the pretty fish clamoring for the crumbs of bread.
They seriously jostle each other for every morsel!

~The edges just before it goes into the "lake".

~I like this picture.
Looks like something from a postcard, no?
I love the cloud formations best :)

~The flowers are so beautiful. I love the colour.
Purple bougainvilleas...

~By now, the sky is pretty dark.
The lamps are shining brighter, aren't they?

~I took this shot for the perspective.
Looks nice, with the winding pathway and
young coconut tress lining it.

~It's later in the evening.
And I haven't even started jogging yet!

~Isn't the sky beautiful?
Notice the break in the middle - all the clouds
swirl around it. Like it's the center.
Pretty? I like it :)

~That's me! Poser, I know. Couldn't resist!
Hee ;P

All these photos are soo worth skipping that 15 minute jog, right? (Trying to justify not jogging one whole round around the park as promised Aheh.)

Maybe next time. ;P


Arnan Koh said...


The photos are nice... and yes they are worth the 15 minutes less jogging....

Nice.. i have never seen city park, maybe i will go... but then again since i hate running, maybe not

Lisa ^^, said...

haha you don't have to go there to run. People go there and do other stuff. There's picnics and kites you can fly, can feed the fish in the lake, can roller blade, or cycle.
Or you can be like me, just walk a few rounds around the park. It's really refreshing! ;P