Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Dream Come True

The following was actually posted in my academic blog. After rereading it the other day, I thought I'd post it here too. Shows you a little bit more of who I am ;P

I know, sounds cliche, but honestly, I speak from the heart when I say it is truly a dream come true to be doing the course that I want (TESL = Teaching English as a Second Language, in case you've forgotten) and one step closer to the career I have always aspired to achieve.

Okay, well, I had my ups and downs on the path to discovering what I truly wanted to do with my life. But teaching had always been at the back of my mind, patient, waiting, as I struggled and explored other options, but always knowing that I would return; I could not deny what was in my heart. I knew, deep down inside, my place was with those who had a love for teaching.


What a "touching" story!!
I have got to stop watching too many romantic comedy movies..... -_-"'

Well, back to serious business. Ahem ahem *coughs*

Why teaching? is the million dollar question often posed to me (well, if it ain't million dollars, maybe 1 ringgit?)

Many times in my life, I have acted as substitute teacher to my peers. Be it English, or Chemistry, or Additional Mathematics (now that is head-scratchingly strange), they have approached me for help. Why do they come to me? I am not really sure.
But all these mini "teaching" sessions boosted my self-confidence, and made me feel all warm and gooey inside. Being able to help my fellow friends comprehend something that was gibberish before, felt...wonderful. The grateful looks directed my way were reward enough for something that felt far more rewarding to me.

I had great teachers in my secondary school years. But I would specifically like to thank Mrs. Lim, my English teacher in Form4 and Pn. Siti, my Chemistry teacher (you know who you are! If you ever ever read this, my gratitude can never be truly expressed! A million thanks!) for inspiring me to take up teaching.
One thing that both had in common was their love for their career, and the subject they taught. Classes with them were always different, unique, interesting, and filled with laughter, joy and warmth. What I remember most about them both were the secret journal I shared with Mrs. Lim, that encouraged and spurred my love for writing, and the crazy "chat and lepak" sessions with Pn. Siti.
With them, I never felt this barrier between teacher and student. We had gone beyond that of just a teacher and her student; we were close friends.

That was what inspired me most. They had given me more than I had expected; love, care, respect and genuine concern. They were people I could count on, the shoulder I could lean on when I needed guidance or a sympathetic ear.

As they have blessed me, so I want to bless others. As they have given me their all, so do I want to give my all - to my future students. I want to be to them what my teachers have been to me. It is the right thing to do. It feels right.

I maybe naive, but for all those reasons, it answers "Why teaching?", and why it is my
dream come true...

~The End~ :)

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