Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blessed Christmas All!!!

It's Christmas Day today!

Nothing really exciting. No Christmas tree, no presents under the non-existent tree, no Christmassy-songs playing in the background...

It's been a pretty hectic Christmas. I was involved in the tambourine dance performance for the Children's Christmas party. I was also helping my parents with the Children's Christmas Skit. And like I mentioned earlier, it is NOT easy directing kids who saw something funny in every line they said. And laughed at every one of them. Yup. Every one.
I played the piano for today's Christmas service and performed the tambourine dance again as well. Not to mention all those sessions of practice and preparing for all the coming events.

I find that I keep reminding myself of the importance of Christmas.

And during this time, I think of my friends. Friends I have known for soo long. 7 years of friendship is important to me. Yes, I admit, we've had our ups and downs. Many, many downs. We've cried and hurt each other. We've kept things from each other that we shouldn't, we've done and said lots of things to each other that we regret right after.

But we have our ups too. As many ups as there were downs. Perhaps more. :)
We've been there for each other, been the ear and the shoulder to carry the same burdens. We listened, we shared, we laughed, we cried (with tears of laughter of course). We goofed around, we joked, we played practical jokes on one another. We teased and made fun of each other, until the one being teased starts sulking, and even then, sometimes we ignore that and continue on, all in the name of fun.

We can do that to each other cos we have on our belt, SEVEN years of friendship.

It's hard to say if we really really know a person, but, the most important thing for me, is that you CARE about someone.
As long as you care, the friendship will always survive hither what comes. Storms of quarrels, strong winds of anger and frustration, we can, and we will survive them all. :)

My strongest Christmas wish, is to one day share the thing that is most important to me especially during this season. The one and only reason we Christians celebrate Christmas. I want my closest friends who have yet to know this gift, to know, and to really know in their hearts, what Christmas is all about. And experience the joy and love that this Gift brings.

All my best Chritmas wishes to all my dearest friends!

And to you, Yun, Yen, Ping zai...

May God bless you and make Christmas meaningful for you and your family.
May God shower you with not all that you want, but all that you need.
Not just with happiness, but with joy in all circumstances.
To grant you endurance and strength in all that is to come before you.

And most of all, remember that you are never alone...:)

Blessed Christmas!!! ;P

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The Bee said...

well.... friends,long time friends are like old but comfortable pairs of shoes
esp those with us through ups and downs
more so those with us through down times the bond is so much closer
somehow we can be real with them
we are what you see .... no facade
with time there is the comfortable feeling when you are around them
and over the years the special feeling of care develops
you want to share good things with them
and one of the greatest things is this special relationship with God we can have through Jesus
that will be a great blessing to those close to our heart
do not be discouraged difficult as it may seem to bring up matters which may appear sensitive
i believe God will help us to share from our heart at the right timing with the right words
be open to God s leading...