Sunday, December 14, 2008

Place of Dreams

A woman who was heavy-burdened with the troubles and pain and darkness in our world had a dream one night.

In the dream, she was walking around in a shopping mall, wandering aimlessly.

Then, she came across one of those shops which were decorated very simply, but was beautiful all the same. Inexplicably, she was drawn to the quaint little shop. And so, tentatively, she entered through the door.

To her surprise, she saw Jesus standing behind the neat little counter. She knew it was the Lord because he looked exactly as was portrayed in all the pictures and photos that could be found in Bibles, church murals and devotional materials. But the gentleness and compassion that shone in His eyes, convinced her that she was right.

"Hello, my child. How can I help you?"
She replied that she was looking for something that would change the world that we lived in so that it would be a better place.

Jesus smiled.
"Go along down every single aisle and pick out what you want. Then come back here and I will see what I can do."

So she did as He said and walked down every aisle, scrutinizing every item available and writing them on her list.
She wanted "Peace" and "Peace in the Heart" and "Peace in Families". She wanted "Love" and "Love amongst Neighbours" and "Love for One Another". She wanted "Faith in God". "Hope for the Future" and "Joy in Every Circumstance". But she also wanted "No Corruption", "No Wars", "No Illnesses", "No Hunger" and "No Poverty".

By the time she was done looking through all the aisles, she had a very LONG list indeed!

She returned to the counter and shyly showed Jesus the long list she had compiled.
Jesus smiled at her and said "No problem."

He reached below the counted and started taking out packets and packets of many different colours and labels.

"What is this?" she cried. "Is this not a catalogue shop? Do you not sell finished products here?"

Jesus smiled once more and then shook His head.
"No, it is not. This is a Place of Dreams. These packets," he waved at them over the counter, "are packets of seeds. Seeds for the very things that you asked for."

"But you need to take them home, plant these precious seeds, water them, and nurture them. One day they will grow and bear fruit. And one day, some one else will reap its benefits."

The woman was momentarily stunned. Slowly, she nodded her head, understanding.

Jesus scooped all the packets into a paper bag (better for the environment) and gave them to the woman.
The woman gently took the bag, as if she were holding fragile glass and left the shop, smiling from ear to ear.

The first thing she will do when she gets home, is plant those precious seeds. She will water them and nurture them.

And then she will wait. Hopeful.

*I adapted this story after I heard it from my Pastor, Pstr. Paul Christie at church today. I thought it was very thought-provoking, so I hope it got you thinking :)


Arnan Koh said...

I guess patience is the key... and perseverance...

I like this story, it is very meaningful.
God gives us what we ask for but we have to nurture it.

Anonymous said...

i find this story cheesy cos i've heard similar variations of the story, but nonetheless meaningful. :)

Lisa ^^, said...

You've heard it before? I haven't though. Hearing it from my pastor was the first time. This MY version of the story. haha