Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bug

Ah. The Bug.
Everyone knows The Bug. But no one likes The Bug. The Bug comes to you when you least expect it. And even if you do expect it, nothing can prepare you for the agony it is capable of putting you through. Despite your brave attempts of putting up a fight, you suffer. So much so you wish you could end it right then.
The Bug is all-powerful. You are powerless to stop it. The Bug does with you what it likes. Until it leaves. Leaving you spent and fearful of the next time The Bug should pay you a visit.
When you fall victim to The Bug, you just wanna scream out loud with utter, helpless frustration. Your eyes tear up, you just can't help it. Your vision blurs. You feel suffocated; you can hardly breathe. You swear it's almost killing you. Your nose itches, you can feel it coming and your hand reaches out to grab the nearest tissue..before it's too late.


Yes. I'm talking about the one and only - Flu Bug.
The agony, the suffering...I can't take it anymore!!!
Even right now, as I'm sitting here typing away on my laptop, there is a piece of tissue beside me. Just in case. I know I'll need it.
After the Awesome Young Writer's Camp (read as 4 days of insufficient sleep and rest, and more-than-a-fair-share of stress), I felt it. Uh-oh.
The Sore Throat. She starts to steal my precious (beautiful) voice. The Sore Throat is The Bug's closest companion. When she arrives, I know The Bug is sure to follow. He never allows her out of his sight for long. That leaves me a couple of days to prep myself before he comes for me, his fury and wrath unleashed with no inhibitions.
I refill my bottle of water, 4, maybe 5 times in a day, drinking like a dehydrated camel. Gargling with Thymol Mouthwash leaves me choking and gagging, but The Sore Throat refuses to leave. It seems as if she has a grudge on me, as she waits patiently for the one who is sure to come and get her, and punish me.
And he does. He strikes hard; leaves me reeling.
I pick myself up. I have to keep fighting.
Clarityne and sister Clarinase come to my aid. But when their efforts prove unfruitful, I seek help from Actifed. But Actifed tires me out. My eyes refuse to open. I allow myself to sleep.
My White Knights do their best to defend me; my dependable, reliable Ts. They course through my blood searching for the wretched Bug; aiming to destroy. But he is cunning and elusive. I can hear Sore Throat's diabolical laugh ringing in my ears.
My body grows weaker. I may have to just give up. Let The Bug take me. I have no other weapon to use against The Bug. Or Sore Throat. They seem to be extremely well-prepared for anything that I might throw at them. I have tried everything. Everything.

Wait. Not everything.
I still have my Secret Weapon.
Yes, my Secret Weapon. They'll never know what hit 'em.
It might just work.

I hesitated slightly, then took a huge gulp of it - the Secret Weapon.
The Ultimate Apple Cider, Vinegar and Honey.
I waited expectantly.


Hm, he seems weaker already.
It might just work.

p/s: I hate being SICK!!! :(


Arnan Koh said...

I see you are sick. But why? You slept earlier than most of us.... Oh well, get well, soon. All the best in fighting your bug.
YWC seems to have done some to your writing, everything is imaginary now!!!

I still think it is liquid paper!!

Lisa ^^, said...

I know I slep earlier than most of you guys, Which is why I'm puzzling over the fact that you guys are not sick! Haha what imaginary? I thought it'd be fun to write. kakahhh

*psst* it's not liquid paper. And no one was supposed to know it's me la mangkuk.