Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lonely, I'm So Lonely

I sit at my laptop, typing away as I am now.
I go still. I look around. Only silence, except for the whirring of the blades of the oscillating wall fan above me. Noisy thing.
It is totally normal that my parents are out at this time to da bao food.
What is totally un-normal is that my 2 (irritating, bothersome, noisy, non-stop-teasing) brothers are away.
*lets out a sob*
*clears throat*
Sorry. There was something in my eye. It's pretty dusty here. Aheh.

My brothers went off for a 6-day-5-night camp in Tapah, Perak. Youth Leaders Development Programme. The campsite is really nice, with a running stream and a little sweet bridge over it, lots of grassy land to run around. Yeah, sounds like the perfect place...for a horse.
And since there's like not enough places to sleep, most of the boys will have to sleep in tents, on sleeping bags.
Both my brothers are.
HAH. Serves them right for leaving me alone at home.

Go on, go ahead and stay in ugly, holey tents, sleep in such thin sleeping bags that you can feel every pebble and twig and thorn and insect crawling around on the ground.
Go ahead and have fun, lousy games with lots of other people your age, and laugh and enjoy yourself.
Go have a good time and forget all about me.
See if I care.


I have the computer all to myself, the internet connection has never been faster.
I can play all the computer games on my laptop and not have to compete with you guys.
I don't have to yell at you guys for stealing my pillows and lying down on my bed when you haven't showered.
I won't have to scold you for messing up my blankets after I had just folded them in the morning.
I won't need to listen to your David Archuleta album over and over and over again until it drives me insane.
I won't have to bear with your teasing me about my height, or your "egoistic" talk about yourself and how handsome or great or smart you think you are.

But then again,

I can't watch Vampire Knight Guilty without you guys, and One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls don't seem the same.
I can't watch movies without you guys.
I can't talk about that actress, or that new show, cos Mum and Dad look at me like I'm from another planet when I do.

2 days down, 4 more to go.

"Hey, guys, I've just finished another blog post! Can you guys read it and---"
Oh, I forgot they're not here.

*sound of crickets*


Arnan Koh said...

Hehehe... sounds like the fox who could not get the grapes.

Lisa ^^, said...

Very funny Arnan. HA. HA.