Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rock and Roll

The other night, I was feeling pretty bored (cos my 2 brothers were absent..sigh) and my parents were all doing their own thing. I mean, the were each doing something. They were doing something else. Ah, you know what I mean. I turned on the TV and flipped from channel to channel. But nothing really interesting was on. Then at 10.30 pm, 8TV had a programme on called Unzipped.

I wasn't too interested. The last time I watched an episode, a local band (was it Bittersweet? Or something like that) was featured. The songs they played, was em, not my cup of tea, to say the least.

But this episode, they were featuring Jaclyn Victor - our very own Malaysian Idol #1!!!!

I think she's sweet :)

 I have to say, I'm a fan of Jaclyn Victor. Since watching Malaysian Idol when it was aired on 8TV a couple of years ago (was it 4? I forget.), I have yet to see another local singer surpass her singing and performing talents on-stage. She is the BOMB, I kid you not.

She has the kind of voice that I would say is perfect for our local music scene and can garner fans from all races and backgrounds. She can sing English songs with an attitude that gets me tapping my feet, or thumping my head along, or just closing my eyes in awe. She can sing Malay songs without it ever feeling out of place, neither does she make you cringe to hear the overemphasized t's and p's (You know, as in Te-Ta-Pi?) *shudders*

This time, she was performing with her former band - the JJEDs (which is actually an acronym of the names of the band members). And I must say that I was pretty impressed. These guys aren't the young guys with floppy fringes who mumble when they sing, or look like they were on drugs when they perform, like some other bands I've seen. These were older men, who still loved to, and could rock and roll. These "oldies" could really show our so-called young talents how to really ROCK AND ROLL!!

This particular episode, at least, was very entertaining and impressed me enough to write about it here in my blog. So, please check it out (especially Part 3 and Part 4)!!

Support local talents (those who deserve it-lah!)!!! ;P

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