Friday, December 19, 2008

Boys Over Flowers

from bottom middle (clockwise): Makino Tsukushi, Domyoji Tsukasa, 
Nikishida Sojirou, Mimasaka Rei and Hanazawa Rui.

Okay. Don't ask me. I don't know why it is translated such, but it IS.

In Japanese, it's called Hana Yori Dango. Well, I know that Hana = Flowers. The rest is, your guess is as good as mine. But I kinda doubt that they actually meant Boys Over Flowers. Or maybe they do. Whatever.

Anyway, I just finished going through all 9 of the CDs in the Season 2 set. And it was better than Season 1.
Okay, I lied. I never watched Season 1. Don't intend to.

I never heard of this Japanese series before until my Dad (yes, you saw right, it's my DAD, FATHER, who's hooked on all these and is willing to spend on original box sets for the whole season) mentioned it. There was the Taiwanese version on TV, but called Meteor Garden (sounds better than Boys Over Flowers, if you ask me). Other than that, I knew nothing about the series.

So, with my Dad's friend's recommendation, we all sat down to watch it.

It's already a year later from where the last season stopped off, and for Makino Tsukushi, life goes on. Except for the teeny fact that, Domyoji Tsukasa, the guy she had professed her love to a year ago, has yet to return from New York, or return her last call. Or any of her calls for the past year, for that matter. Her friend Yuuki-chan tries to console her, but understandably, she is heartbroken.

With some intervention from her and Domyoji's friends, the other 3 members of F4 (a popular group of filthy rich, influential guys who "ruled" the school she goes to, and still do) Hanazawa Rui, Nikishida Sojirou and Mimasaka Rei, Tsukushi flies to New York to demand an explanation from the evasive Tsukasa (Don't get confused. The girl is Tsukushi and the guy is Tsukasa. Got it?).

By chance, she finally meets Tsukasa. After a year, he still looks the same. But he looked less than pleased to see her. Why? Why hasn't he returned her calls? Or kept in contact all this while? He had also claimed to love her. So why the silent treatment?

Haha, lazy to tell the whole story. If I do, some people might call me a serial blogger, and a cheong hei one too. Anyway, their relationship is just one trial and one challenge and one obstacle after another. It seems endless. It seems like they can never be together. I know that conflicts are vital for a story to remain interesting. But...After a while I think to myself Oh, come ooonnnnnnn!! Stop with all the crying and all the problems! Just get together already!!

Unfortunate. But true.

One can't help but like Tsukushi. Although, she can be annoying at times. Hoishiiiiiii, she trills when she eats something yummy (which is wat Hoishii means), which we infer, is following closely to the manga, or anime, of which this series is based on.
I hated Tsukasa at first. He was one violent guy. Upset? Punch someone in the face. Angry? Whack random people by the street up. Plus, he wasn't that cute. But...I have to admit, he grows on you. The more I look, the more I like. Ooh, I like. ;P
Hanazawa Rui is the devoted loyal friend. Forced to suppress his feelings for sweet Tsukushi because Tsukasa is his friend. And because Tsukushi still loves Tsukasa, despite his vices.

Was interesting. A little slow in the beginning. Okay, very slow. But later, the pace picked up and it got rreaalllyy interesting.

Won't say more and spoil it for those who intend to watch. :)


IuhniX said...

Hanazawa Rui, my favourite ! He is HOT ! lol. Mr Kwan watch this series too ?shocking wei

Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah...He did. Hehe Don't tell him that i blogged about him...;P